Perfect Parade Patter: bound by love (for dance)

World Dance Festival the Parade is on our doorstep, transforming Brunssum into an international rhythmic hub of dance and music. And with 300 volunteers up and about quite the organization, too. In our quest for Perfect Parade Patter we meet with Adriana and after our first meeting, we are Parade addicts for life! This is a story you do not want to miss.

A vibrant festival sparking your enthusiasm for international dance and music cannot exist without volunteers that live and breathe dance and music themselves. Adriana is the perfect example. As an interpreter/guide she will assist a dance group during the entire event. She explains: “We are, so to say, the linking pin between de group and the organization. We speak the language and can therefore offer them a warm welcome. We also explain all the ins and outs, the details of the programme en we are constantly at their disposal for anything they need. That, to me, is important since you’re a Parade figurehead, of sorts.” The reason behind all this, is quite extraordinary…

Swinging love

In 2000, Adriana herself was a participant of the Parade. “I’m from Mexico and was part of a dance group. We come to the Parade to give a spectacular performance,” says Adriana. And spectacular it was. Not only was their dance act out of this world, it was also electrifying. Adriana fell head over heels in love with her Dutch interpreter. And how! Two years later, she decided to follow her heart and move to Limburg for good. “That is why the Parade is so special to me. It is actually the reason I’m in the Netherlands,” says a radiating Adriana. 

Jumping for joy

After her move to the Netherlands, she gave up her dance group and instead learned the language and started a family. However, when her father-in-law, who is also a Parade guide wanted to pass the baton on to Adriana’s husband who was far too busy for such a task, she was secretly jumping for joy. Laughing: “To be honest, I couldn’t wait. I immediately called my friend Patricia, also from Mexico, to ask if she would team up with me and she said yes. She also came to the Netherlands for love and has the same special link with the Parade.” What makes it so much fun? Easy question, says Adriana. “The atmosphere during the Parade is really fantastic. I’ve never felt that anywhere else. I love being among the people, getting to know them, discovering their culture and their customs. That connection is wonderful.”

Connected by dance

When asked if she is looking forward to the coming edition, she answers without hesitation. “Absolutely, I’m so excited about this edition. It may be different from previous times, different from the way we got accustomed to, but that is fine. After the pandemic it is simply great that we can all be together again. To feel that connection through dance and to experience that special atmosphere with other people. Believe me, it’s the best you can get.”

This year’s Parade is from 30 June to 3 July. Adriana will welcome and guide the group from Chili with all her enthusiasm and all her heart.